Me and Edna Lewis copyEncouraging people to understand and appreciate food.

In addition to its scholarship program, the Edna Lewis Foundation partners with area educational institutions to produce culinary conferences and classes. Education is the key to fulfilling ELF’s mission to honor, nurture, and preserve America’s culinary heritage and future. In the realm of food, education takes many forms, some more obvious than others. There are cooking classes and wine tastings, of course, informative cookbooks and food writing, too. But we believe in the educative value of experiencing a special meal, of having a unique gastronomic experience. No matter how much we watch, listen, or read about food, we never really understand it until we have eaten and/or cooked it.

The Edna Lewis Foundation’s education programs include continuing education classes, guided tastings, readings, conferences, scholarship opportunities for aspiring culinary students, work/study/travel grants for working professionals, and volunteer opportunities for current culinary students.
The Edna Lewis Foundation’s scholarship program operates on an annual basis. The financial aid offered varies from year to year, so the program for 2013 will debut on April 1, 2013, when detailed descriptions, application forms, and complete instructions will be posted online. See the Scholarship Section FAQs for details on preparing to apply. USA and international students are eligible.

The Foundation’s scholarship program administers and funds scholarships for aspiring culinary professionals. The scholarships fall into three categories: tuition waivers or school scholarships donated by the culinary schools themselves, grants from money raised by individuals or at out-of-house events hosted by chefs and restaurants around the country, and grants from the Edna Lewis Foundation’s operating fund.

Student Memberships
Students are welcome to join the Edna Lewis Foundation by clicking here.